Friday, 20 December 2019

Day 1161 - Shoesday Tuesday

yellow and blue brocade mid calf boots being worn with fishnet tights
Shoes:  Irregular Choice A Tale Of Enchantment (Beauty And The Beast)

Onto Belle this week from Beauty & The Beast, which launched alongside The Little Mermaid collection this month as the last of the Disney Princesses at Irregular Choice. I ended up not going for a Belle character heel, which is unusual as characters are usually my thing. I fell for these boots though, honestly the moment I saw them and so I decided to get those and the matching bag and because Ariel is my favourite, her things were basically my priority. I think I said last week, I wasn't going to get Make A Splash because the heels were the same as the boots and I favoured those. Had I done that, I might've gotten a Belle heel, but my budget only stretched so far and I'm so glad I did opt for those shell shoes because they are lovely.
I'm also really glad I got these boots though, because I think they're amazing. I also fully understand if people think they are hideous! Let's be truthful, they are...gaudy. Like something made from your Granny's curtains, they really are quite unattractive and yet totally tasteful at the same time. I don't know how IC do that, but they do. Yellow and dark blue are not colours I would put together and the main fabric of the boot is definitely more yellow than I expected (I anticipated gold). The latter portion of photos are truer to colour than the top lot which are darker, lighting is a nightmare this time of year!  The gold glitter section is that gold I freaking love (love it so much you need to read that in a sing-songy voice). It's used on the toe of Still The Fairest boots, the Evil Queen's crown, the treasure bit along the bottom of A Whole New World bag. It's BEAUTIFUL in the flesh, especially at night under indoor lights. I have both the Jasmine and Snow White bags facing me right now and they dazzle me every evening. Sadly it doesn't come across as well in photos (there's green and orange and red speckles in there), but I'm pleased I have something else with this on it as the pieces all work quite well together if you fancy mixing your princesses.

The images from the film (ballroom scene, the same on both boots) are printed onto a satin fabric this time and I'm liking that. There's naturally going to be some creasing there in the ankle and I feel it might wear better on that material as opposed to the fake leather that has been more often used lately.  I love the way they've framed it and the bit that makes it for me is the draping around the top and further down. Reminiscent of Belle's ballgown, it has little pearls and where it hits across the foot, reminds me a bit of the I Give You...Dumbo! boots with the frilled ribbon. It splays out (looking down at your own feet, it widens in this area), I weirdly like the shape it creates. Again it's a bit of an old fashioned style detail, but one I personally love. There's a puffy (brighter) blue bow across the toe (remember to take your plastic rods out before wear) and a full length side zip.

The heel shape is that of Abigail's Party, slim and round and I have to say I felt very much like the heel was sitting under my instep, which isn't something I usually pick up on, but it felt very setback from my actual heel. Size-wise, much the same as last week. They felt very snug to begin with, but will stretch with every try-on. I've only worn these briefly twice, so I haven't gotten them to the comfortable stage I was at with Make A Splash. Across the widest part of my foot is always where I feel slim boots tight and it was indeed the same with these. There's zero wiggle room in these at the start. You may want to size up because of all that. With the shoes last week, I was hesitant to suggest that, given the heavy heel, but I feel it wouldn't go amiss to size up for comfort here (and because they are boots you can wear socks if they're a little roomy). I'm confident I can persevere on stretching/loosening these up a bit.

I'm really, really happy I got these. You know I love a boot and these are weird and wonderful and the colour is a little bit different for me. They look stunning with the bag of the same name by the way, an excellent duo! One more pair to show you from my haul, the Ariel boots, which I'll attempt to get up this weekend. I've really not been great this past month, but am trying to get into a more structured routine again, hard at this time of year. I generally need to sort my life out to be honest, I keep saying it, but I really do. Anyway that's a story for another day! What do you think of these boots? I'm saying they are ugly but I love them, so I'm unlikely to be offended by any Grandma furnishing comparisons!!

Fit: 4" heel, full length side zip, mid calf height.  Slim fitting shaft, though the cuff had a gap on me.  Foot section also snug fitting and tight across the widest part of the foot.  No wiggle room.  Will likely soften and loosen with wear, but you may wish to size up for comfort, especially if you're usually between sizes.   
Comfort:  Will be comfier once they loosen up a bit.  feet wearing beauty and the beast boots in yellow and blue brocade with gold glitterfloral jacquard fabric boots with blue bows and gold glitter and drapes and pearlsdisney beauty and the beast mid calf boots with yellow drapingback view of yellow brocade boots with slim heel and yellow drapingside view of legs wearing yellow brocade boots with disney beauty and the beast image on sideclose up of boot with disney belle and beast ballroom scene and a tale of enchantment written on scrollirregular choice disney beauty and the beast boots being worntop view of yellow brocade boots with blue bow across toe and rounded toeflatlay of belle beauty and the beast boots


  1. Wow, these are simply gorgeous <3 <3

    1. They stole the show for me, even more so than the character heels for once.


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