Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Daniel Sultry

Daniel Sultry
Between the hospital and my nephews being here (3 days out of 5) during the holidays, my blogging schedule has been forced to take a backseat. This post was originally scheduled for the beginning of last week and got pushed back several times. In that time, the lovely little bag I styled sold out and since then I've changed it several times but never quite liked the substitute as much as the original. By sheer fluke today, they got one back in stock, so I'm pressing 'publish' before it sells out again (even if it's not the post I had scheduled for today)! I've lusted after the Verity bags for some time and the pink is one of my favourites, have you seen the gorgeous lipstick charm dangling at the side? I just adore it! Anyway the sandals (come in black too) are Sultry by Daniel and currently reduced to £59. Apparently this makeup brush (it's limited edition for summer) is sooo soft, certainly the strange shape and colours are really intriguing me. I don't think I need it, given I'm not much of a bronzer girl (I got a "why are you so white?" from my tanned nephew yesterday), so I'm trying to think up non-bronzer related uses for it. I really shouldn't encourage myself! The dress, I could probably style a million ways, it just looks so versatile.  Do we like this look?
The Shoe Girl Styles It: Daniel Sultry
Worn with: M&Co spotty dipped hem dress £24 (sale), Warehouse oversized sunglasses £16, Lulu Guinness 'Verity' pink patent bag £147.50 (sale), Kabuki bronzing brush £30, Star bronzer palette £35, both Golden Riviera collection and Juicy Tubes £16.50 all Lancome.


  1. Pretty!!!!! I like the way you paired them.
    I thought of you today as I looked as these enormous Orla Keilly heels in Clarks sale.. not your style I suspect but they were cool!!! X

    1. Thank you. Oh I know exactly the style you mean, the platforms? I would've been all over them in the 90's, I still like them but wonder if they are more clumpy than I wear now.

  2. Replies
    1. I think I prefer the white to the black (for once).


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