Friday, 20 June 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Topshop Glory (Blue Floral)

Topshop Glory Blue Floral
A little later than I'd have liked with this post today-technical hitch on Polyvore and a rather horrible trip to the doctors (poo, well not actual poo but you know), so let's distract ourselves with pretty shoes!  Gosh I want these Topshop 'Glory' shoes so badly! I keep hanging off as I can't really justify a spend right now, but I thought up lots of ways to wear these (which just made me want them all the more). This idea was my favourite though. I wanted monochrome stripes as a bold contrast to the baby blue and girly florals. So once I found this top, I built the rest around that. The flash of bright pink is another nice contrast I reckon.

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Topshop Glory

Worn with: Stripe seam bralet £10, black tube skirt £20 and flower detail cat eye sunglasses in blue £18 all Topshop, ASOS Curve vintage multi ring pack £12 (currently £8.40) and Klear Klutch pink clutch £40.  What do you think, like?  The shoes also come in a pale pink but I liked the blue ones best.  I'll be back on Sunday with a rather special The Shoe Girl Styles It, hmmm!


  1. I've had them bookmarked for a while although the points sort of put me off.


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