Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Day 1146 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pink Christmas tights and festive snow globe heeled shoes
Shoes: Santas Globe Irregular Choice 

Sorry I'm a day late, it's been a busy week already and I was going to persevere last night at midnight and get this post finished, but my brain was frazzled. I knew the post was going to be quite picture heavy too, so I wanted to wait until I could see straight! So, another pair of Christmas shoes for you this week and Irregular Choice have really gone to town on their festive releases for 2018. Last week, it was light-up gingerbread ankle boots and this time, it's the amazing snow-globe heels. So we've just seen the carousel release where the horse was inside a glitter globe heel with liquid and this is similar. Instead of a Santa character heel, he's actually inside the heel.
There's a white platform carrying the figures and each heel is different, with Santa and an open sack of presents and Christmas tree in one and a snowman, reindeer and presents in the other. There's snowflakes as well snow inside, which is super pretty when it swirls around. The shoe itself doesn't hold back, it's mighty-fancy on it's own. There's three different materials in the Christmas tree that sits up the side of the foot with the most adorable decorations; little baubles, beads and tinsel. The front represents the presents under the tree and while I love the idea and do like that they are glittery (and have real ribbon tied in bows around them), it's not my favourite part in reality. I think it's maybe the colour that's putting me off, they're just a bit samey. Something I didn't expect to love, was the inner side of the shoe. Before their release, I though it was suedette, but it's actually velvet and the colour is rich and really provides a welcome breather from the fussiness of the rest of the shoe. Not that I don't like a dramatic shoe, you know I do!  These are show-stoppers, there's no doubt about that! Last week, I said the ankle boots were casual or dressed down attire for me, these are definitely the opposite of that.

Oh and that's not all, the tree lights up! There is an on/off switch on the little tongue at the front (near the inside), so you can choose whether to dazzle or not and dazzle they do! They are the multi-coloured lights we've seen on the ankle boots and last year on Mr & Mrs Clause. I didn't get any photos of this because it would've required me stomping and I think I'd have gone through the shoe-room floor had I done that! Of course outside, on pavements, they flash much more naturally than indoors when you're standing on the spot and trying to capture an in-focus photo. I felt like these were heavier than the carousel, You're Invited, but I weighed them and they are exactly the same. They are weighty, I'm just saying it's something to consider if you have particularly weak ankles, this is a big heavy shoe to lift.

Size wise, I noticed a lot of people saying these were big or that they sized down, that wasn't the case for me. I probably could've with Gingers House, but I think I'd have struggled with these. Certainly there's no issues getting into them, like with You're Invited, where I had to size up. I did notice some gaping in the heel area, only visible from above (i.e. from my point of view when wearing them), mainly on the inner side, which is why I included the last couple of images on my foot to illustrate. I've seen photos of others with big gaps at the back of the heel, I don't think I have that problem. Trying them on for these photos, I was aware that they were bigger than I initially thought, but I still don't think a 37 would fit. I suppose I'm lucky in the sense that I won't be walking in them, so they aren't likely to slip off my heel, though that wasn't something I observed in the short time I wore them. A Christmas themed snowglobe heel has long been my wish, so I'm thrilled it's finally been achieved and I can add these to my growing Christmas shoe collection! I'm trying to plan ahead already to rotate as many of my Christmas shoes as I can this year as I only wore one pair in 2017 (but that's probably because I was head over heels for Mr & Mrs Clause, still am)!  I'm having a day out tomorrow, so am planning on wearing my globes (weather please be decent). 

Wearing: Ginger Bread Tights Irregular Choice (current).
Fit: 1 1/2" platform, 5 3/4" heel, slip on. True to size, a little roomy or wide in the heel.
Comfort:  Heavy to wear, but haven't worn them for a long period yet.  front view of legs in pink gingerbread man tights with gold glitter and bow platform shoestilted leg wearing festive gingerbread tights and glitter bow and christmas tree shoeslifted leg with pink Christmas tights and snow globe heeled shoes with Christmas tree detailback view of snowglobe heeled shoes on feet with pink Christmas tightslifted heel back view of snowglobe and christmas tree shoeside view of legs in pink Christmas tights with glitter and velvet shoe with christmas tree detail on side and snowglobe heelback angled view of snowglobe heeled shoes with reindeer, snowman and Santa insidecrossed legs showing red velvet inner side of shoe with gold bow and glitter parcel frontinner side of shoe in background in red velvet with outer side with Christmas tree and glitter trims in foregroundlifted leg showing Santa snowglobe heel of shoe wearing pink gingerbread man tightsclose up of Christmas shoe on foot showing Santa inside snowglobe heel with snow and snowflakes floatingcloseup of Santa inside snowglobe heel with Christmas tree and trimmings on side of shoecloseup of snowman and reindeer inside snowglobe heeled shoesparcel toed shoes from above being worn with gingerbread tightsclose up showing slight gaping of shoe at heel when being wornclose up of glitter platform shoe showing snowman and reindeer inside snowglobe heelclose up of heel of shoe showing Santa inside snowglobeside by side comparison of both snowglobe heels with Santa, snowman and reindeer


  1. These are blooming amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

    1. Dream come true, finally getting snow globe heels.

  2. finally! it's the snow-globe heels<3
    I've been wishing for this since the barellina heels too but I feel like this is more than I'd expected xD
    I really love that tree part with all the details, materials and all, just lovely.
    and about those presents under the tree (under the big bow), I like it as idea too but maybe could've looked even better with just those little red presents or same one in different colours but no un 3D ones...?
    or maybe hang little stockings! (or do they have in other models?)
    anyway as I'm always not in so much touch with any imformations, social things etc...I'm always excited to see your blog every now and then when I've got chance to open my laptop!
    and I'm super excited for arrival of your Revolution's christmas gift★
    you know it costs like double in my country so I'm most likely not getting any of their products until I (if I'm ever able to...) leave this country ;'(
    IC shoes are same...
    but once, I at least had chance to see their product in person actually, when I was working for shoe reparing.
    then...that one had so much fungus, made me itchy. (bad memory)
    I recognised that was IC shoes as soon as I saw it and I enjoyed looking at sole haha
    and more than anything, it made me think of you.
    to me, IC = you for many years and probably will always be xD

  3. Totally agree with you there, there's something about the presents at the front that I was also a little unsure of at first too. The glass baubles and tinsel etc on the tree is just adorable.

    I need to start posting more reviews of my Revolution makeup. I tend to take the photos then never ave time to show them, but I'll try harder!


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