Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Day 1079 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice pink savan swan character heels
Shoes: Irregular Choice Savan swan heels

Shoesday Tuesday, on time, two weeks running, I'm winning! I had another not too bad day today, so managed to shoot these new shoes and also edit the photos, all without falling asleep. I shan't jinx myself by saying much more!  The shoes are the latest character heel from Irregular Choice, beautiful swans. You can read my review of them here and also of the green ones here. The pink (or "white" as they are officially titled) are the pair I have chosen to keep.
As you can see, against my pale legs, they act as an almost nude, but you have that little flutter of multi-coloured sequins peeping through, which I love. The shape of shoe is also new, though you might find similar non-platforms like the newer (and actually they are old now, but I mean not the original) courtesan with that widened toe area which finishes in a shortened point. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking of Tinky Binky, Lady W and Wing Invador. All Mad Here and One Lump or Two? from the last Alice collection might also be a little reminiscent of these, though both had much bigger platforms and the fit felt different. Onto that and I spoke in my review about how I found the right foot comfier than the left. I've tried them again and felt the same. My toes do want to curl under when putting the shoes on, but can mostly be straightened out once wearing and I just know the size up would be too roomy. They'd gape and I reckon they might even slip off at the heel, so I just need to persevere with my usual size. I've just not had time to try them properly, but I'm confident they'll fit better even after one wear. The heel feels a little like the original bunny, solid and sturdy. There's a large base, no protruding bits or worrying the heels will clash with each other whilst walking. In comparison they are the same height as the bunnies or gnomes, but a little lower than the unicorns or fawns and taller than the flamingo or panda. The small platform is unlikely to make much difference to you if you're not accustomed to this heel height, but I personally find both the heel and platform very manageable.  A very welcome addition to my character heel collection.  What do you think?

Fit: 4 1/2" heel and 1/2" platform. Pretty much true to size, nice wide toe area, though the front feels a little short. No need to size up though.
Comfort: Nice solid heel base to walk on and no wide heel to worry about. wearing irregular choice pink savan bow shoes wearing irregular choice aw16 savan swan heels wearing irregular choice pink savan swan heels wearing irregular choice savan swan heels wearing irregular choice pink savan swan heel detail irregular choice pink savan swan character heel shoeirregular choice flocked swan heel


  1. They look great on you, you always wear the latest IC shoes. Good luck with your recovery, I hope you get better.

    1. Thank you. A new favourite of mine for sure, loving that little swan.


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