Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Little Mistress Wine Courts

Oh I'm suffering today. We had gale force winds last night (scary blustery and worse than any of the 'named' storms recently) and a wooden sign we have on our shed had come unstuck and was swirling and battering against the wooden shed, but somehow still attached. My fear was it was going to break free and smash through any one of the many surrounding windows, plus I knew I couldn't sleep with that racket outside my window. I've realised my family can and will sleep through pretty much anything though. Anyway long story short, my sister and I traipsed downstairs and she went out into the cold to try and fix it (the shed was actually covered in ice it was so cold), back up and 5 minutes later it started again (which we knew it would as she couldn't get it off)! I had trouble falling asleep, then at half two was aware of my new noisy neighbours, who decided to congregate in their back garden (must've been freezing) and talk, laugh, play music and carry on, very loudly! I was furious. By half past four, it was still going on. I was really furious! I couldn't remember the non-emergency police number and figured they might not come out anyway, so suffered a sore head from lack of sleep all day today. Haven't seen a peep out of those neighbours today funnily enough. I don't even know what they look like, haven't seen them yet, but they made the same rumpus a few weeks a go, so are already in my bad books.
Anyway, back to shoes and I finally had time for TSGSI this week. This is my weekly plus size look and the shoes are laser cut courts by Little Mistress £52 in burgundy suedette. I picked this floral pencil skirt for them and would wear a blouse on top, like this pussybow one by BooHoo (tucked in). I love this little reindeer clutch bag, it's very sweet, but not overly Christmassy. I'm fond of the colours in this look, how about you?The Shoe Girl Styles It:  Little Mistress Wine Courts
Worn with: BooHoo Plus 'Eleanor' pussybow blouse in nude £20, Simply Be floral scuba pencil skirt £25 and BooHoo 'Rudy Reindeer' clutch bag £12.


  1. I love all of this look, particularly the bag and the skirt, gorgeous colours. Hope the neighbours manage to keep the noise down now. You'd think the bad weather would put them off (but it never seems to). xx

    1. That's exactly what I thought! It seems to be a kinda 'halfway house' so the people don't stay too long, but almost every family/person that has been in it, has smoked and I see them outside in their dressing gowns in the snow and everything, desperate! One family, the child had friends round one night and they lifted a wheelie bin and threw it at their own kitchen window! I almost called the police then too, but my family never heard a thing!


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