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The Shoe Girl Diaries 2013 Part 2

I'm glad you all liked my last summary post, looking back over my outfits, shoes and hair colours of the year. In this post, we'll concentrate on April, May and June 2013.

April 2013
April got warmer and we saw a lot more bare feet than we had previously.  I really seemed to go for colour and interesting textures and prints this month.  
Mid April saw a big hair colour change, from green to purple/lilac.  It gave me a whole new lease of life and I really enjoyed this phase.  I definitely played around with colour more, trying red lips, a bright flush on the cheeks and bolder eye makeup.    
It was a similar story with outfits.  Lots of colour, different prints like leopard, floral and again playing around to make summer dresses work in weather that wasn't quite there yet!

Onto my favourite looks of April, starting with my gorgeous Irregular Choice 'Flopsy' bunny heels.
I love these Miss Selfridge Barbie leggings with my Irregular Choice patent teddy t-bars.
Every time I wear my ASOS Ablaze boots, I swear I need to wear them more often. I love this gingerbread print and I updated them with some lace socks.
I adore this ballerina print Pearl Lowe dress. It's a funny length that I'm never quite sure if it's too long for leggings but too short for tights or bare legs, but I wore leggings with it anyway. To make it a little more summery I wore my lovely suede Prada sandals which were a perfect colour match.
I wore maxi lengths a lot in Spring, my leopard print ASOS Curve dress is so comfortable and I teamed this pleated leopard print skirt from Primark with a cutesy H by Henry Holland t-shirt. Sometimes I don't like the green hair when the turquoise has faded, but with these flowers and pretty makeup, it looked cute.
Then all change to purple. I was seriously loving clashing it with bright red. I'm usually so uncomfortable in red lipstick, but I really loved this look.
I'm a big fan of the vivid, blue toned purple like this, when it isn't plum or pinky. Unfortunately it only lasts until the first wash!

May 2013
Not a lot of days out in May.  I had three outfits in a row with the same shoes (as I'd stayed in Glasgow for a couple of days and only took the one pair of shoes).  Lots of colour, fun prints and texture again.
The lilac hair continued, with a little refresh towards the end of the month.  Like my last post, it's easy to pick out the wackier Monster High Monday days.  I actually really love my hair lilac or purple, just a pity it's quite high maintenance.  
Nothing ground-breaking in terms of what I wore.  A lot of summer dresses with cardigans. Wearing the same shoes (Irregular Choice Can't Touch This) for two days (and three outfits) isn't a normal occurrence on this blog, but that's what happened when I went to Glasgow for a little holiday. I loved having a change of backdrop and floor for the photos. Who can remember the old days on my green carpet in front of the pink drawers? I really miss that-but unfortunately due to shoe-mountain blocking out half my window, there's no way I can take photos there now. It's been a bit all over the place for the past year or so on the blog, but hopefully once work has finished on our house, I'll have a new, shiny backdrop!
Without a doubt, one of my favourite pairs of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Melissa Lady Dragon's. They just go with everything! Worn here with a Primark dress.
I love wearing this (ASOS) dress and despite the bold print, it's another versatile item. I clashed some house print tights (House of Holland) and nude satin courts ('Bailey' KG by Kurt Geiger) with it for a fun look.
Another whole outfit I loved was this pansy print dress (Swan by Clements Ribeiro) with my heart Lady Dragons and my hair and makeup were perfect. Shame I spent the whole day in the house waiting (and worrying) while my friend stood me up for lunch!
I'm loving the bold green eye makeup against my purple hair.
I don't know how I would have survived without hair flowers last year. I wore them a lot!
Grey hair had been my aim at one point and I almost got it, when the lilac faded. I like the nude lips and more subtle makeup here.

June 2013
I wore a lot of jelly shoes during June and anything with a peep toe really. There are only 4 days where I wore 'proper' shoes. Of course a summer month should be just that, but you expect the unexpected when you live in the UK!
I let the lilac fade as much as possible before another big change. I got to be blonde for a day during the transition and many of my friends and family wanted me to keep it (most of them know me as a blonde, despite it not being my natural colour). However I was ditching the one tone colour and going turquoise with indigo ends!  Again, you can spot the (blue lips, purple eyes with red lips and green eyeshadow) Monster High Monday makeup looks.  
I tried some things that I wasn't entirely sure would work and yet they became some of my favourite outfits of the year. I wore hair bows. A lot.
Aww, my original jelly babies. Who knew such a collection would stem from this one pair! The lemon is usually quite difficult to work into my wardrobe, but I really liked them with this giraffe print maxi dress (Primark).
These sparkly, globe jellies instantly became a favourite with their rich colours and they seem to work with a lot of my clothes.
Quite possibly one of my favourite (if not, the favourite) outfit of the entire year. I looked and felt like a little dolly. I'm not sure on paper, glitter courts (Carvela 'Attack'), a peach, pleated spot midi dress (Primark), giant hair bow and grey leopard print cardi (Bea Beau at Matalan) should work, but the result is fabulous. I was flabbergasted when this outfit was reblogged and liked 200 times on Tumblr!
I don't wear my spotty version nearly as much as the floral dress, but it's still gorgeous. Navy, white and red is a classic combo, that will never get old. This was another hit on Tumblr.
So I know the shoes are turquoise and peach, but would an entire outfit based around those colours work? I felt a bit like an extra from a wedding, but I didn't totally hate it. I might even quite like it. Dress Dorothy Perkins, bolero Primark.
Lunch with my friend-the second attempt!  Although I personally love this outfit, I was shocked (again) when it received 200 notes on Tumblr. No surprise it features my fave dress with the gorgeous Moschino Cheap & Chic heart peep toes, Irregular Choice 'Mischief' sunglasses and Love Moschino clutch. It felt a little indulgent and I loved it.
This is a funny outfit, there's a lot of black breaking up the bold striped and floral Primark sundress, but there's something I like about it (probably the net underskirt). Plus my new hair was awesome : )
The best thing about changing your hair colour is getting to play around with makeup colours to find what compliments.  This time, purple eyes to match the tips of my hair with my favourite hair clip.

Some fabulous looks from these months, which did you like?  Part 3 (July/Aug/Sept) to come soon and you can find part 1 for the start of the year here.


  1. That peach dress with hair bow IS a beautiful outfit!!!! I really like the 50s dress with the London landmarks from the end of May. Where is it from? I might EBay to find it, if I can!!! The hair matches SO well with the clement ribiero x

    1. How did you manage to see that? Good eye Kezzie! It's River Island...I think Alex has the same dress if I remember : )

  2. Aww, I'd totally forgotten I own that peach ruffley flowered jacket.

    1. I find it hard to style. The colour and it always feels too dressy!

  3. Ahh I am a new follower and currently obsessing over everything you own. The Irregular Choice bunny heels may be a favorite, though. Beautiful looks!

  4. There's so many outfits I absolutely adore in this post!! And so many gorgeous shoes, just one big wow. I love that strip and floral sundress and cant believe its Primark. I love all your jelly shoes and definitely need to expand my own collection:)))

    1. Thank you. Yes it was ridiculously cheap!


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