Friday, 1 November 2013

Day 950 - Summer Turned To Winter And The Snow It Turned To Rain

Irregular Choice floral wedge shoes
Shoes: Lilac floral frill wedges Irregular Choice 

Ok, so here's the other dress I bought with my Ariel one...My Little Pony!!!! "Skinny and bony, made out of plastic, life is fantastic", sorry is it only me that still sings that, like 25 years on?! How freakin' fabulous is this dress anyway? I've drooled over the MLP stuff on Truffle Shuffle especially the dresses, but they only do small sizes and I knew they wouldn't fit. Then I stumble upon this one on Hot Topic and it's actually in a nice floaty fabric and a style I'd totally wear!! My only complaint is the square neckline is rather low once you've got it on (and especially when you're above your ample bosoms, looking down), so I added a little vest top underneath, which I needed for warmth anyway (wow when did winter hit)? I decided I may as well go all-out on girly stuff, although I did add some black leggings and a cardi, so I wasn't too twee! We went shopping this day (Wednesday) and I actually had an awesome time for once, probably because I hit the beauty counters and got spoiled (well I paid for it, so I spoiled myself) and I also got the flowery Primark dress I was after. So I can breathe until the next one comes out and I have to track that down!

Wearing: My Little Pony dress Iron Fist, lace camisole (worn underneath) M&Co, black leggings Primark, cardigan Red Herring, peach skull bow gift, flower ring Primark, middle finger rings Miss Selfridge, other rings my Grannys, cream horse necklace Topshop, pink floral bag (not shown) Love Moschino.
Fit: True to size, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: No issues with these. FOTD FOTD with Topshop pony necklace Wearing Iron Fist My Little Pony dress and Irregular Choice shoes Wearing Iron Fist My Little Pony dress Wearing Iron Fist My Little Pony dress, Irregular Choice shoes Iron Fist My Little Pony dress print Iron Fist My Little Pony dress close up Wearing rings Primark coral flower ring


  1. Probably just my weird school, but we had another line to the My Little Pony song: "Stood on the table, drinking Black Label". Don't ask!

  2. OMFG, thank you for this post - I think this may be my sister's Xmas present sorted! She is obsessed with MLP..

    1. Oh she'll love it, it's soooooo cute and the ponies are all vintagey!

  3. Oh, I need that dress so bad! o_O Tried to find it but it's sold out everywhere :(

    1. : ( I was lucky, I bought it the moment I saw it, when it was fresh on the site. Hope one turns up : )


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